Naked body is far from the main component of erotic pictures

How to make beautiful nudes. Nude photography tips

Naked body is far from the main component of erotic pictures.

Nudes are not just a photo of a naked body and sexual play with a partner . Such pictures help to take a fresh look at yourself and realize the beauty of your own body. However, taking beautiful nudes can be more difficult than taking a good selfie. Together with a nude photographer, we will tell you how to create a photo that you will admire. And we share sources of inspiration for digital erotica.

Various dictionaries have more than 40 definitions of the word “nudes”, but they all come down to one. This is a nude photograph that has been posted privately or publicly online. Often they are used to diversify sexting – correspondence of an erotic nature. The photo clearly shows the degree of excitement, eroticism and aesthetics of the moment.

But do not forget that nude is “bodily”. The naked body is not always a sexual object. It is a tool, a statement, a piece of art. Creating nudes can be a journey not only to new creative fulfillment, but also to a more trusting relationship with your body. Shoot nudes to admire it and see yourself from a new perspective. With the help of nudes, you can get to know your body, and not what gloss and pop culture broadcasts. You can try to film yourself during an orgasm – when you see yourself from the side, you will understand how beautiful and sexy you are. This immediately boosts your confidence.

Sexy Close upStep 1. Prepare internally


If you are tense or uncomfortable, it shows in the picture. Play calm, sensual music. Before you start shooting, look at yourself in the mirror, study the features of your appearance. Remind yourself of what you like about yourself.

Get to know your body

Often we may not like one part of the body, but we project this dissatisfaction onto it completely. Try several angles and choose the best for you. Make a posing mood board and try to repeat – this is the best way to learn how to feel in the frame. There are no universal poses and angles. Most likely, you will find something suitable for you.

Step 2. Prepare the location for filming

Clear the background

Make sure there is nothing extra that will spoil the frame. Take a test shot of the place where you are going to be photographed. This way you can see what you need to fix right away.

Catch the good light

Soft natural light is ideal for nude photography. Observe your apartment during the day: what time is there bright or soft light, what pattern does it give on surfaces. If the sun is too bright, hang a thin curtain to soften the lighting. You can use artificial, but avoid overhead light and flashes. Lamps, garlands, diode strips, a lamp above the hood, candles are alternative light sources that will add atmosphere to the pictures.

Step 3. Shooting process

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