Naked body is far from the main component of erotic pictures

How to make beautiful nudes. Nude photography tips

Naked body is far from the main component of erotic pictures.

Nudes are not just a photo of a naked body and sexual play with a partner . Such pictures help to take a fresh look at yourself and realize the beauty of your own body. However, taking beautiful nudes can be more difficult than taking a good selfie. Together with a nude photographer, we will tell you how to create a photo that you will admire. And we share sources of inspiration for digital erotica.

Various dictionaries have more than 40 definitions of the word “nudes”, but they all come down to one. This is a nude photograph that has been posted privately or publicly online. Often they are used to diversify sexting – correspondence of an erotic nature. The photo clearly shows the degree of excitement, eroticism and aesthetics of the moment.

But do not forget that nude is “bodily”. The naked body is not always a sexual object. It is a tool, a statement, a piece of art. Creating nudes can be a journey not only to new creative fulfillment, but also to a more trusting relationship with your body. Shoot nudes to admire it and see yourself from a new perspective. With the help of nudes, you can get to know your body, and not what gloss and pop culture broadcasts. You can try to film yourself during an orgasm – when you see yourself from the side, you will understand how beautiful and sexy you are. This immediately boosts your confidence.

Sexy Close upStep 1. Prepare internally


If you are tense or uncomfortable, it shows in the picture. Play calm, sensual music. Before you start shooting, look at yourself in the mirror, study the features of your appearance. Remind yourself of what you like about yourself.

Get to know your body

Often we may not like one part of the body, but we project this dissatisfaction onto it completely. Try several angles and choose the best for you. Make a posing mood board and try to repeat – this is the best way to learn how to feel in the frame. There are no universal poses and angles. Most likely, you will find something suitable for you.

Step 2. Prepare the location for filming

Clear the background

Make sure there is nothing extra that will spoil the frame. Take a test shot of the place where you are going to be photographed. This way you can see what you need to fix right away.

Catch the good light

Soft natural light is ideal for nude photography. Observe your apartment during the day: what time is there bright or soft light, what pattern does it give on surfaces. If the sun is too bright, hang a thin curtain to soften the lighting. You can use artificial, but avoid overhead light and flashes. Lamps, garlands, diode strips, a lamp above the hood, candles are alternative light sources that will add atmosphere to the pictures.

Step 3. Shooting process

Don’t be afraid to experiment

It may not work the first time, and that’s okay. It is important to experiment with light, angles, with and without clothes.

Try different photo plans

The long and medium shots are good tools to look at yourself through other people’s eyes. The image we see in the mirror is different from how others see us. Because of this, we sometimes do not like how we look in photographs taken by others. By taking long and medium shots of yourself, you can strike a balance between the inside and the outside.

The close-up is the most intriguing because it leaves an element of understatement. Neck, hair, arms, collarbones, dimples, goosebumps – the details attract the most. It can be difficult to take close-ups with your phone because the focal length doesn’t allow it. Then you can make a medium shot, and then use cropping to convert it to a close-up.

Take advantage of gadgets

You can use a special tripod, an application with a timer, remote bluetooth buttons. All this will facilitate the process of shooting with a smartphone. By the way, headphones from the phone can also be used as a remote control (use the volume buttons).

Step 4. Photo processing

Nude photography should be “tactile”. Particular attention during processing should be given to naturalness and texture. This will help the imposition of noise and the effect of the film.

Photo editing apps

Snapseed. A versatile and quite powerful program for processing, viewing and cataloging photos. It can create the effect of blurring the background around the object, highlight individual plans by depth of field. The application has a lot of vintage filters. Management occurs with the help of swipes.

VSCO Cam. There are tools for fine-tuning, beautiful and high-quality filters. Allows you to add effects directly during shooting.

RNIFILM. A program that is similar to the previous one, but differs in a set of filters and color rendering.

Lightroom. A handy program for working with color. It installs color presets for processing, which can be found in the public domain.

Nude Variety Ideas

You don’t have to take nude photos. Remember that during sexting, the hint is most exciting. In addition to nude shots, you can send your partner a sex toy in your hands, lingerie on crumpled sheets, and the always-winning Thinking of You.

Use a mirror. It is easier to pose in it, especially if you are a beginner. In addition, there are mirrors not only at home, but also in the city, in personalized locker rooms and toilets. This can fuel the fantasy of having sex in a public place.

Feel free to video. In addition to photos, you can use short intriguing video circles in Telegram or GIF.

Capture silhouettes. The shadow of a naked body on the wall. A shot in a foggy mirror. In wet clothes that fit you. Shot from the bath, when the body is barely visible through the foam.

Take props. Fruits, drinks, flowers and dried flowers, drops of water evoke sensual associations, can slightly cover the body and help with posing. Try shooting or putting things on camera: natural fabrics, bodysuits, underwear, a shirt, a bathrobe.

Inspire Sexy Models To Pose Naked

Naked body is far from the main component of erotic picturesIt’s important to approach this topic with respect, consent, and an understanding of personal boundaries. It is crucial to remember that everyone has different comfort levels and personal preferences regarding nudity and self-expression.

If you wish to inspire a beautiful woman to consider posing naked, here are some suggestions on how to approach the topic respectfully:

  1. Open and honest communication: Have an open and honest conversation with her about the idea. Express your admiration for her beauty and explain your interest in capturing her in an artistic and respectful manner.
  2. Respect her boundaries: It is essential to respect her comfort level and personal boundaries. If she expresses hesitation or discomfort, do not push the matter further. Consent is crucial in any situation involving nudity or intimate photographs.
  3. Explain your intentions: Clearly communicate your intentions and the purpose behind the request. If you are interested in capturing her beauty for artistic purposes or celebrating the human form, express this to her and ensure she understands the vision.
  4. Professional approach: If you are an artist or photographer seeking to create tasteful and respectful images, highlight your professionalism and provide examples of your previous work. Demonstrating your commitment to creating a safe and comfortable environment can help build trust.
  5. Collaborative process: Approach the idea as a collaborative process where she has an active role in shaping the concept, poses, and overall vision. Encourage her to share her thoughts, concerns, and ideas throughout the process. This will help create a more comfortable and empowering experience for her.
  6. Respect her decision: Ultimately, it is her decision whether or not to pose naked. Respect her autonomy and accept her decision without pressure or judgment. It is important to prioritize her comfort, boundaries, and emotional well-being above all else.

Remember, consent, open communication, and respect are paramount in any situation involving nudity or intimate photographs. Always approach the topic with sensitivity and be prepared to accept and respect her decision, whatever it may be.

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